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Ugreen 30287 Type-C 10/100mbps Network Adapter
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Ugreen 30287 Type-C 10/100mbps Network Adapter

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SKU: ADUGN0030287
Weight: 300 grams
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Brand: Ugreen
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Product Description
Experience Faster Network Transmission Speed
Portable Network Card 
A better choice when traveling, on business, visit friends even if no wifi or network speed slowly.
IOS System Free Drive Installation 
ASIAX88772A chipest is installed under IOS system without drive, wait one minute, installed well, give the experience of plug and play.
No Obverse and Facade Limit 
Two sides can be inserted and pulled freely that makes the connection more easily.
Product Performance
  • Supply the fuction of sleeping and wake up 
  • Fliter 2 WLAN ID 
  • Supply automatically MDIX, identify the crossover internet cable and straight internet cable 
  • Meet IEEE802.3. 10/100MBPS ethernet mac physical layer 
  • Supply full/half hifgh speed ethernet connection, support IPV4/lPV6 internet
Yellow and Green Double Indicator Lamp 
Green lamp-physical indicator to show the status of physical connection cable 
Yellow lamp-ACT data indicator to show the status of network
Minimalist Black Shiny Design
Matching with Mac Book So Perfect
  • Support 10/100Mbps fast network access;
  • Support IEEE 802.3, 802.3u(10Base-T, 100Base-T) compatible.
  • Compliant with Hot Macbook 12'', Chromobook Pixel
  • LED indicators for Link and Activity;
  • Support both Full-duplex with flow control and Half-duplex with backpressure operation;
  • Support Full and Half duplex operating modes.
What's In The Box
1 x Ugreen 30287 Type-C 10/100mbps Network Adapter
Product Dimensions
10 x 10 x 10 cm
Product Weight
Package Weight
1-year manufacturer warranty
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